Take control of your website's contents!

30th Jul 2015

Content controlMany clients nowadays want more control over their website - they want to have the ability to change text and images when they want to, without needing to contact (and pay) their web designer to make the changes and upload the files for them. This is where a Content Management System (CMS) comes into play. A website built on a CMS gives you (the client) the ability to log into your website whenever you like to make changes. Whether you just want to correct a spelling mistake or change an image; to creating a new blog article, adding a product to your online shop, or writing new meta tags to try and improve your SEO - a CMS can help you do all of this.

What's more - once the site is built on a CMS, the 'visual design' is kept separate from the actual 'content', so it's also possible to apply a new design to your site without needing to rebuild your entire site.

There are many CMS's out there, such as Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal to name just a few popular ones. We can work with most systems, but our CMS of choice has to be Concrete5, purely for it's ease of use for the end-user (the client). Any CMS seems daunting to someone who has never used one before, which is why we like to go that extra mile by actually showing the client how to use the CMS once their site has been built - especially sites built on Concrete5!

Once your site is built on a CMS, and you're no longer paying someone else for every single update, it is likely you'll update your site more frequently. The more frequently you update your site, the more active and useful it becomes, which in turn is likely to give it better search engine placements. Fresher content will keep your existing visitors engaged, and is likely to attract new visitors.

Please contact us to discuss how a CMS can help you manage YOUR website.